Outsourcing QA helps bring great business benefits to companies, who are seeking to improve the standard of their production applications, reduce massive business risks through rigorous testing and improve upon the obligatory testing teams and processes. AppSierra provides:


Functional testing is a key element for improving the quality of the developed software. The risks of releasing a new product without rigorous Quality Assurance have larger implications now than ever before, because of the ever-changing expectations and demands of the end users. Finding independent QA and testing vendors, who are not biased by the development unit, is very important towards the success of a quality product. At AppSierra we value this, and being an independent software testing company enables us to report this transparent view.

In an effort to receive faster time to market, raise the test coverage and improve the productivity of the test team, test automation continues to be the most trending word used amongst QA teams. In an absence of trained test automation engineers, test maintenance efforts especially in an agile product lifecycle, rising test environment prices, complicated test data, an improper end to end test coverage are some of the significant challenges, a test automation effort often stumbles upon.


Mobile Testing

To compete effectively in the ever-evolving global market, product companies bring out their applications on multiple platforms and devices, including iOS, Android, Windows. Mac, Open Source Operating Systems and a few mobile computing devices including phones, E-readers etc.


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One of the hardest challenges that organizations face in today's time, involves achieving and maintaining their business's aim, peak performance and scalability levels. Without a proper methodology for predicting the system behaviour and performance under actual stress conditions, they are exposed to various catastrophic slowdowns and failures that disable productivity, drive away customers and fall down to the company's bottom line.

Accessibility Testing Services, the differently abled portion of our population is increasing each and every day. This includes people with visual, hearing, cognitive & motor impairments. As technology makes way into brand new domains and applications, making products accessible for everyone has become the need of the day. Section 508, specially 'WCAG2.0' compliance testing is vital to standardize accessibility engineering in the product development process. WCAG Compliance is our central focus area for the accessibility testing services that we provide.


Usability Testing

Usability is an important area to determine a particular product's acceptance in the marketplace. Along with web, it is most important than ever to have a successful mobile user experience, and we, at AppSierra, have built a mobile usability testing methodology based on our experience with a widely varying range of clients.




Translation Testing

Globalization has become the most important area of software testing, given how products are reaching out to global markets and launching in several localized versions. We, at AppSierra, have built an intricate QA methodology to carefully identify and address various important issues in the globalization process. We have an expert testing team well-trained and ready to work specifically on globalization and localization testing by controlling a set of practices that we have built to cater to the needs of this specialized test area.

For a few particular domains, such as learning and publishing, content QA is very important. Given that we specialize in serving clients in these domains, we see the value of building a niche in testing for content.


Cloud Testing

Testing in Cloud is a term that can be apprehended in different ways. At AppSierra, an offshore QA testing vendor, we control the cloud to increase our test services, hence enabling us to improve our testing efficiencies - be it test-bed setup time, tester's productivity, access to high-end infrastructure, software etc.


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