Common Mistakes Usually Made While Testing A Software

by Appsierra Aug 19 ,2019   /  


Most of us have heard of Software Testing and Software Testing companies. When you hear the words “software testing,” you might think of some particular types of software quality assurance services — such as Functional testing services, Performance testing services, Localization testing services, Automation testing services — or we may immediately start visualizing a different, complex, interconnected web of test techniques and types.

There are different kinds of approaches to test a software, all of those tests are equally important before reaching the final stages. Here are some pressing questions which usually developers and testers face:
   • Do all features work as expected?
   • Does the software as a whole work?
   • Will users find it a pain during using this software?
   • Can the software withstand the demands of a heavy load?
   • Is the security vulnerable?
   • Is the application reasonably easy to use?
If the developer makes a mistake or error in using the software, this may lead directly to a problem. However, developers design and create the software and during this process, they tend to make mistakes. We are going to talk about a list of the most common software testing mistakes made during the developing and testing process. We hope that this guide will help you and be useful for you.
Software Testing is an art and the professional developer who designs the code can easily overlook the syntactic bugs in his own code. That’s why, we recommended quality automation testers who have a good perspective to find bugs. Sometimes, a top QA Software Testing Company like AppSierra, may want the testing phase to proceed at a fast pace.

Longtime Automation Process

Till today, automation testing services take a long time to test any software. The word automation gives developers sick feelings. Software Testing companies in India, still think automation is not useful, learning automation might take time and automation is tough to learn.


Not Considering The Best Platforms

The leading Software testing service providers in the USA or leading Software testing agencies in India, fail to choose the right platform. Currently, Android and iOS are the most highly demanded smartphone operating system. The mobile app quality assurance services providers must choose those platforms for testing mobile app.

Using Inappropriate Methodology

If you have a proper work list, you can finish your work early. So far, Software Quality Assurance services need a proper methodology. Define and design the list of proper performance-related activities which you want to accomplish before introducing the software.
Apart from these mistakes, Software Testing Companies make other mistakes as well. Here are the mistakes which Software Testing Agencies generally make.
   • Regression testing: we never follow
   • Not spending enough time
   • Start testing after coding
   • Not analyzing the defects
   • Poor bug reporting
   • Unreview test designs
   • Offshore software testing provider is not a domain expert
   • Software Testing Partners are not trained or motivated
   • Not Considering Bandwidth
   • Failing to choose a tool

Keep in mind these points and try not to make these errors in the future.